Biochek Glow Kit

Hand Hygiene Technique Training Kit

  • Ethyl Alcohol 95% v/v IP 62% w/w
  • Perfumed gel base qs to 100% w/w
  • UV Fluorescent Dye < 1%
  • For Hand Hygiene Protocol Validation and Training
  • Simple to use and implement
  • Immediately shows any gaps in hand rubbing technique
  • Easy to understand and convincing results


Each Lock & Seal Box contains:

2 Nos. 110 ml Bottles of Glow Gel

1 No. UV Torch

Usage & Dilution

Ask the participants to use the given Han’gel Glow solution and perform hand antisepsis as per their usual practice
Use UV Torch and shine it onto the hands of the participant
Wherever the Han’gel glow solution has been applied properly onto the skin will glow bright blue, while areas that were not covered will show up as dark spots
Use the checklist provided to identify which of the Six Steps of Hand Hygiene has been missed by the participant
Retrain the participant and re-check for compliance again if necessary