Biochek Bed Bath Wipes

Wet wipes for full-body cleansing

  • Chlorhexidine 2.00%, Deionized Water, Sodium Benzoate, Glycerine. Aloe Vera Extract, Menthol, Allantoin, Perfume q.s
  • Ideal for cleansing and refreshing the entire body.
  • Clean and moisturize the body in one easy step
  • Quick and easy to use - saves time and effort
  • Eliminates the need for inconvenient traditional methods- bowls, washcloths, soap, lotions and water
  • Towel drying not required
  • Can be used at room temperature or can be warmed in a microwave for a more comfortable bathing experience
  • Soft, gentle and non-irritating on skin, with skin-safe pH
  • Helps reduce cross contamination
  • Keeps skin barrier moisturized and intact, reducing infections


Each pack contains 10 Bed Bath Wipes of size 320 mm X 320 mm

Usage & Dilution

Heat the whole pack in a microwave (750 W) for 20 secs..
Peel front panel slowly.
Pull out wipes as needed.
Re-seal label after use to avoid moisture loss.

Shelf Life

2 Years